ANOFOL s.r.l.

Has been manufacturing pre-anodised aluminium strip since 1967.Thanks to continuous research and co-operation with the most important rolling mills, a wide range of products has been designed for the lighting, furnishings, interior design, giftware, litographic and electrical industries. ANOFOL s.r.l. materials are particularly ideal for bending and roll forming, thanks to their ductile properties. Plastic film application protects all surfaces without altering their properties.
While working on this web site , we decided to emphasise the services that we can provide to our Customers instead of our range of products. We are aware that our market is becoming more and more globalized. This means that our Customers are now so diverse that it is fundamental to use resources and technical innovation to successfully solve a wide range of similar but different requirements.

ANOFOL s.r.l.
Was the first Italian company to produce anodised aluminium in continuous and the first one to achieve the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certificate.
ISO 9001: 2008 is a guide line for our approach in helping us to meet demands of complete Customer's satisfaction. To this end we have equipped ANOFOL s.r.l. laboratories with a wide range of instruments that, integrated with personalized software (Lambda Research's TracePro software program) allow the study and the characterisation of different products and finishes. The products of the ANOLUX®/LUXAL® range are a clear proof that we are committed to constantly improving the quality-performance price ratio which is primary aim for ANOFOL s.r.l.. In conclusion through constant co-operation with the most important rolling mills in the world, supported by ANOFOL s.r.l. KNOW-HOW, which can boast thirty-five years experience, we can guarantee that we are always ahead in the design and manufacture of pre anodised aluminium for your use.

ANOFOL s.r.l.
Is present world wide and its goal is to solve any problems regarding the different fields of application of the pre-anodised aluminium.


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